The Natural World

.At Possum Hollow we provide numerous opportunities to play outside and learn about the environment and the natural world. Our centre has a vegetable garden in which the children grow some of the healthy food used in their lunches, plus small animals for the the children to feed, play and look after. Occasionally we have special guests from wildlife related organisations (often bringing some interesting animals with them.


Sustainabilty and Recycling

We now have a sustainability and a charity bin located in the entrance of the centre. Possum Hollow children participate in the recycling and reusing process. 

We would really appreciate any donations of either recyclable materials our children could use for arts and craft or any items you no longer want or need that we can donate to local charities in our area.



“Thank you to West Oz Wildlife for bringing along some awesome animals today, teaching us a bit about each one and the importance of conservation, we even learnt what to do if we see snakes in the wild”

“Our little Possums love having a cuddle with our little guinea pigs! Our little ones also love feeding and looking after their pets each day!”

Our Own Guinea Pigs

Gardening and Growing their own food

Part of the outside activity is learning about the environment and the natural world through gardening.

 They have so much fun picking flowers and leaves from our very own garden to use in their activities!

Involved in every step – from planting seeds to harvesting.Our little green thumbs learn to take care of our plants 🌱

At Possum Hollow we interest our children in healthy eating by having them involved in the growing and preparation of their own fruits and vegetables. 


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