Special and Cultural Events


Helping Children feel part of the community

Our program of special events throughout the year enhances each child’s learning and development  in relation to their identity and connection with the wider community.

Our events celebrate the multi-cultural nature of Australian society, introducing the children to a diverse range of cultures, embracing both difference and similarity. Indigenous Australian culture is also an important focus of our centre.

All Australian holidays are celebrated, including Australia Day, ANZAC day, Mother’s Day, Fathers day, Christmas etc along with a wide range of important dates in other cultures,  and are tailored to the needs and cultural backgrounds of each child.

 At Possum Hollow we try and make each child feel part of the wider community by involving them in fundraising efforts for various charities throughout the year




Multicultural Events

We have so many amazing cultures within our Centre, it is great to come together, learn and share with each other 🧡 

Some examples: 

Harmony Day! We encourage you to bring your little Possums dressed in either Orange or in their Multicultural dress for the day! We will be learning about all of the different cultures within our Centre and doing lots of fun activities! 

Chinese New Year! They learnt how to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese, ate delicious Chinese noodles for lunch, learnt to write a few Chinese words for ‘Happiness’, ‘Good Fortune’ and ‘Health’ 

Diwali  Our little ones loved creating for and celebrating this beautiful Festival of Lights! 

Happy Feet Multicultural Classes. They enjoyed engaging in Spanish, Irish and Russian dances together.


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